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NEW AML/CFT Regulations – July 2021

Jul 27, 2021

On 9 July 2021, new amendment regulations became effective and amended four of the six regulations. The regulations include some increasing compliance obligations and others make things easier. These changes require all reporting entities to make changes to processes and documents. Reporting entities need to be aware of these changes and take immediate preparatory action to ensure they are operating […]

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Knowing your Client (KYC)

Apr 13, 2021

How are you doing with AML? Undoubtedly by now, you have a well-written risk assessment specific to you your industry and your compliance programme has been formulated from this. Although in practice it is not all that easy, is it? As experienced AML auditors, we have gained many insights on matters real estate professionals are finding tough. I think it […]

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Key Tips to get you through your AML audit with a winner’s score

Sep 12, 2019

Auditing to many people is a dark and mysterious art. The very presence of an auditor and the fact that you have to pay them to put you under scrutiny you don’t really want to enforce Anti Money Laundering laws you sure as heck didn’t vote for, is enough to raise your anxiety levels and have you reaching for your blood […]

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Intrepid Auditing – Tarawa, Kiribati, Micronesia.

Jul 14, 2019

On occasion, my auditing career and travel have aligned to offer adventure in far-flung places. I seize these opportunities. Recently, I threw caution to the wind and accepted an engagement of a Kiribati Trust. The trust’s aim is to protect the remaining pristine environments in Micronesia and promote awareness of ecological conservation. But to achieve this, I must first journey to […]

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Map of New Zealand : Doing Business in NZ

Guide to Doing Business In New Zealand

Aug 7, 2018

We have recently summarised some basic information for doing business in New Zealand. This guide is to help overseas interested parties gain a general understanding of the business and taxation environment in New Zealand. You can read the full guide here: Setting up your Business in New Zealand Issues to consider New Zealand (NZ) has a relatively deregulated and open […]

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Proposed changes to the thin capitalisation for loans

Apr 25, 2018

Proposed changes to the thin capitalisation for loans: Draft Legislation has been introduced to limit the use of debt financing as a means to shift profits out of New Zealand as part of the Government’s wider BEPS tax reform package The new legislation will apply New Zealand entities who have overseas loans (existing and new).  The new rules once enacted […]

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